Cash On Delivery ( Inside Amman 2 JD ) ( Zarqa & Al-Salt 2.5 JD ) ( Al_azraq 5 JD ) ( Other Region 3 JD )


Concorde Irbid City Center Mall You can leave a comment Your opinion is important to us.


  • Good evening
    Today I went to Irbid City Centre, I found your branch closed.
    My question is what happened ?

    mahmoud Ghazalat
  • I hope this e-mail finds you well.

    In Briefly, FLOKSER is manufacturer of polyurethnas raw materials such us shoes sytems , refregirators , systems, sandvich pannel sytems, flexible systems, shutters, spray systems etc. We do export over 50 countries each year.

    We would like to get your purchase departments detail and build long term business with you.


    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • I love concorde nowadays… It seems you guys have improved the customer service.. No more rude staffs everything went well.. I had bad experienced with the staff before this but now its great.. Applause to the manager and staff

  • The staff working in your stores are not smart enough

    Adel Btoosh
  • one of my favorite shops
    but your staff are rude and don’t give you your space or time to choose whatever you want they keep nagging
    They don’t comply to the COVID safety rules no masks no distance
    especially the female staff
    I’ve started avoiding going to irbid branch because of them


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